Suckered in.

Today’s long run from North Adelaide took off for Brownhill Creek up Fullarton Rd. I started off at the back of the pack, as per normal, struggling to stretch through some tightness in the right leg. Plus my usual LSD pace is about a minute slower per kilometer. I managed to keep on the back of the usual pack thanks to some other sore runners, road crossings and tap stops. I was planning to turn back after about 8km but I was finding the pace up towards the end of Fullarton Road much more comfortable (despite rolling my ankle) and the group suckered me into continuing to the top. After an extended stop at the top we boogied back towards the city but my legs had stiffened up and it took a while to get the legs moving again.

Valley View Sunday Morning 16-11-2008, Pace

The final 5km was surprisingly comfortable, although I could feel the fatigue of no LSDs setting in, especially lying on the couch since.  Maybe I will take tomorrow off…unless I am feeling good.


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