Colonel Light is Laughing.

This mornings Norwood Bowl SARRC group run met in dark, drizzly conditions and set off for Wellington Square, North Adelaide. Not only was the regular CR Kaybee there to keep me company, but Rachel49 was also there due to a visit to Colonel Light’s magnificent Radelaide. A couple of kilometres into the run I realised that in all likelihood we would be running up Montefiore Hill. Apparently you can cycle up it in 46sec.

I can’t help myself.  As soon as we started the short climb I just gritted the teeth and charged up it, quickly catching the group in front. This was by far the best part of the run and although I was breathing deeply for a while afterwards it was worth it…even if Colonel Light pointing and laughing at the top.

From Wellington Square it was just a matter of pushing on till the end. These group runs are strange to me. They are not at what I would call an easy or comfortable pace for me, but I enjoy the company too much to revert back to slower solo running. I live for the day when these runs become comfortable.


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