Concrete Legs.

Crap. That’s how my legs felt this morning. Well to put it more precisely, they felt like someone had hollowed them out and then filled them up again with concrete, no life, no flexibility and heavy. I may have been a cumulative result of Rec Footy on Wednesday followed by a lunchtime 5km yesterday and a 4km after work run with the dogs.

Needless to say running with the “A”s I was way off the back by myself for most of the run around the top of The Parade. As soon as there was a slight incline in the road I was close to walking and often did over the first half. What is interesting is that I still covered the distance (just shy of 12k) in 6min/km pace, which would have been a quick training run for me last year (Or even 3 months ago), but now it feels like I am really slow!  I can’t wait for the new year to set some huge PBs!


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