CR 5km Challenge – January 2009

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 1-11-2008

What a way to start the New Year! I approached January’s CR 5km challenge the same way I approached December’s…aiming for sub 25mins by running consistent 5 minute kilometers. Thanks to a comparitively lax last couple of weeks over Christmas I had finally shaken the lurgy from the depths of my lungs and was breathing free and easy. Boy what a difference that made.

Waiting around at the carpark for my December pacer (CR TerryC) caused me to be somewhat late for the start, well not late…let’s call it a rolling start…I ran up to the start line right on 7:05am and called to the other 3 25minute runners – “anyone else coming” – as I just kept running to start my 5km challenge. The first two were off in front in a flash, which left CR Chilliman as my pacer for January (TerryC flew past sometime later on his way to a 21:28).

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 3-01-2009, PaceThe pacing went off with-out a hitch. With regular updates from Chilliman on our progress I plowed on through two and a bit laps as best I could, adding a final 200m surge to bump the time down under 25mins.  In doing so I recorded my first PB for the year and a 24min52sec time. (23mins seems a long way off and might be a bit of a stretch for the remainder of 2009).



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3 responses to “CR 5km Challenge – January 2009

  1. Well done on the PB! That’s a great way to start the year. 23-something would be a good challenge.

    Have fun on the trails.

  2. rachel49

    Woo hoo! Finally 🙂

  3. Colsy

    Well done on busting the 25 min mark mate.

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