Not the worst of it.

On Thursday I made the decision to run to West Beach from home on Sunday morning (20km) to watch Rachel49 compete in a Sprint Triathlon. On Sunday morning I regretted it.

It was by no means the worst I have felt on a run, but I felt no where near my best. With a Bucks Party on the Saturday night I indulge a little more than I anticipated in amber ale and ended up only having 4hours sleep before I set off in the morning.

Luckily for me I checked the Triathlon SA website before I left to find out exactly where in West Beach the Triathlon was, only to find that the site only had a triathlon in West Lakes scheduled for today…a quick look at Google Maps later and I determined that once I got to North Adelaide it was the same distance to West Lakes as it was to West Beach so I set off at 6:15am.

Urgh, what a first 10k. I felt queasy and in need of a lavatory. Good luck finding one. The only one I tried was of course locked so I kept plugging away, walking when I felt the worst.

At 7am I texted Rachel to find out which was the correct venue, it was West Lakes. Now I had a decision to make…do I take a shortcut down Regency Rd to Arndale or do I continue into North Adelaide and run out Torren’s Road to Arndale? 

I continued into North Adelaide where I knew there were  “facilities” or at the very least, thick bushes. After just starting off again following a brief walking period I was awoken by the horn of a little red car blasting furiously…I can only assume that it was TerryC on his way to Glenelg for the SARRC run, getting a little excited at seeing another runner out.

After 1hr20mins and 10km, I finally made it to Robe Terrace and watered a tree between Main North and Prospect Roads (it’s ok, it was before 8am, so I was allowed to use a hose to water the tree).

At this rate I was going to miss the start of the Tri, but I was feeling much better and started to Boog-aloo down Torren’s Road, Woodville Road, Port Road and finally West Lake Boulevard. I was making good time, reaching the Crows training session on the East side of AAMI Stadium (20km) in 2hr20mins (a sub 60min 10k). The final kilometre around the stadium and through the Shopping Centre carpark was a breeze and I reached the Triathlon Transition area with 10mins to spare. Phew.

If you want to read how Rachel49 went in the Triathalon you will have to read her blog…if and when she posts a race report.



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2 responses to “Not the worst of it.

  1. She’d better. I want to see how her form is so I know who to back.

    Nice photos of the long run.

  2. R2B

    Glad that was over i am sure!

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