Buzz Word

Everywhere on the internet at the moment people are talking about “active recovery”. It seems to be the current buzz word (OK I know it is two words).

All I can say about the matter is that after grumbling on Tuesday about tired, weary legs I went out and played squash for an hour in the evening and the legs felt great! At least I moved around the court more easily than last week and since then I have run two 12km runs on Thursday and this morning and the legs are still feeling good.

This mornings club run was up Heatherbank Rd and then behind Stonyfell Winery. Last time I attempted this route I walked a lot of the ups and ended up finishing miles behind everyone else in torrential rain. Today I ran the whole way (well I did take one little shortcut).  Huzzah! for active recovery.


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One response to “Buzz Word

  1. Good buzz words. It’s doing you good “Princess” so keep on going with it!

    Even so, I’m still backing Rachel in the next smack down.

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