CR 5km Challenge – March 2009

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 7-03-2009

Ewen thinks that Rachel will smash me in our next encounter and I’d have to agree with him. She recently ran a sub 24 minute 5km on the back of a swim and cycle leg of a sprint triathlon.

This mornings 5km challenge was not well attend, but those that were there gave it their all. I started out at 7:05am with no pacers or expectations and vowed not to look at my watch until the end. That didn’t last. I changed my vow to only looking at my watch at each 1km split.

The first split was slow, 5min11sec, so I upped the work rate a little and worked hard over the next two kilometers (and didn’t look at my watch once). At the 3km split I was back on 5min/km pace and I just told myself to keep it steady as I was blowing really hard.

As I counted down the 200m markers I didn’t tire as much as I was expecting (surprising because I ticked over my 50th kilometer for the week). I pushed onto the end and was thinking with 400m to go that I could probably run faster to the finish as 24min30sec looked possible, but I didn’t.

In the end the finish line couldn’t come fast enough over the last 20m as I began to feel that welling in the chest that comes with pushing too hard, but I was too close to the line to ease off and I crossed the line, dry reached once and then stopped the Garmin at 24min37sec for a new PB!

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 7-03-2009, Pace That was the hardest I have run in a while, and the first time I have dry wretched from pushing so hard. Perhaps I can knock off that 37seconds to get into the 23’s with a good pace setter, but I don’t think I will be challenging Rachel any time soon.



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2 responses to “CR 5km Challenge – March 2009

  1. In fact I’m going to put a case on it instead of my usual 6-pack. Congrats on the PB.

    Odd graph. The 4th km is normally the slowest in 5k PB runs. Try and get out at 4:45s in the next one.

  2. Sunny1

    Sounds like a challenge …

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