Smelling the roses

So where am I at? I made a conscious effort from the start of last week to start targeting 50k a week as my training goal…I had been teetering around 35-40km for a couple of months now. The driving force behind this decision was a comparison between this year and 2007. I want to run better than 2007, so how am I going to do that?

In 2007 I clocked up big numbers (big for me anyway) in the lead up to the August marathon, so I want to match that level of training as a minimum.  If I can match it, then I will rely on a bigger base building period (started October last year as opposed to January in 2007) and faster training runs at the SARRC pack runs (in 2007 I only ran by myself at 30-60sec/km slower).

The other big factor in performance is the ol’ weight. I haven’t been able to budge any since I hit, what seems to be my wall of 115kg. This was the same back in ’07 when I couldn’t get any more off. I will definitely need a huge change in attitude to be able to achieve sub 110kg…and I don’t think I am close yet.

So how has my running been going this week? A struggle. Motivation has been hiding in long forgotten crevices. I planned a run from home on Tuesday morning and struggled to get out of bed despite adequate sleep. In the end I dragged my sorry arse around for 7.7km only because I told myself that I would get fat if I didn’t. In short, the story of the week has been – short runs to tick over the kilometers until motivation returns to run some decent distances.


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  1. TerryC

    go easy on yourself, princess…

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