What a pain in the…

Today I have my first ever Physio visit…and who would of thought it? it is not running related…I literally have a pain in the neck. You know the kind. You wake up one morning and it hurts to turn your head one specific way but not the other.

Well normally I would just tough it out for the day or two that it hurts, so I tried…5 days later it still hurt, so I made the appointment. I am now having my first taste of what it would be like to live with cronic pain…and I don’t like it. I skipped running on Wednesday and Thursday because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The constant pain made me feel depressed, exhausted, incapable of doing anything…well I could do things but I just did feel like doing anything.

When Thursday morning rolled around and it hurt the same as it did on Sunday, I bit the bullet and made an appointment. Behold! next thing you know and by that very same evening, the pain started to subside. I ran this morning, all the way to the top of Mount Osmond, and the pain is still there, though a bit more subdued than earlier in the week, so I will keep my appointment.

Those cronic pain sufferers out there are some tough cookies.


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