Race Report – Carisbrooke Classic 2009, 10km trail.

Race Carrisbrook Classic 29-03-2009 On a beautiful Sunday morning, I made the short trip to the Harry Bowey Reserve for what would be my 3rd Carisbrooke Classic 10k. The weather was perfect (I think the Englishman used to training in -8 degrees I passed at the end of the first lap who seemed to be melting in the sunshine would disagree), the grass was green and the event well organised.
I use this event to gauge how my fitness for the year is progressing and then attempt to set realistic goal times for the Greenbelt and Barossa Half Marathons in May. Because of the trail like nature of the Carisbrooke course and the great training I have been doing at the monthly Trail Running Group runs I felt confident I could beat my previous best time over the Carisbrooke course of 55mins.
Standing around acquiring my race number and trying in vain to pin it on my top straight I thought the numbers looked down on last time, but as soon as John called us over to the start line I found myself surrounded by a throng of runners keen to get underway.
My race strategy has always been – start out slowly and conservatively and build up to a decent pace, so I placed myself at the back of the field and waited for the GO signal. Soon a cloud of dust was the only thing remaining at the start line as I quickly discovered that my slow, conservative pace, was no long a “back of the pack” slow and conservative pace. Alas, I was stuck there now until well after the first turn around where I could veer out onto the grass around some other runners to find some clear track.
Race Carrisbrook Classic 29-03-2009, Pace I soon found some other runners to pace off and continued my way around the first lap trying to give encouragement to all runners I knew coming the other way. I ran past the start/finish area for 5km in 26mins and fell apart. The 6th kilometre has always been the hardest for me at Carisbrooke and this time was no exception. The runners I had been pacing off pulled away and I was left struggling, unable to maintain a 5min/km pace. The mood soon passed and I found my second 10k wind, but there was nothing left for the faster paced assault on the final 2km, which I normally enjoy thanks to the lax start. I had lost the mental battle and finished the second lap for 10k in 51min55sec by my watch. Not bad, and a 10k PB for me, so it looks like I will have to set my sights on a half marathon PB in May.
Post race turned into the usual banter, finding out who had run well, commenting on the accuracy of the course (no doubt as an excuse for a poor time, hehe), watching the pre-teens busting a gut over the 1km dash and complaining when all the random draw prizes seem to go to the place getters. No shoes for me again.
I hope there was a sizable amount of money raised for the Melissa White Foundation because the sausage sizzle was great, the marshals and drink station attendants were appreciated and this is one of my favourite events on the SARRC Calendar.

Panorama 1



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2 responses to “Race Report – Carisbrooke Classic 2009, 10km trail.

  1. Dave Cakeboy

    Good report Simmo, congrats on the PB…. and keep the graphs coming….

    cheers Cakeboy

  2. That’s good! Better looking splits too. Now you have me worried about the Rachel beer bet – I hope she’s been doing some training.

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