Race Report – City to Bay 2009 – 12km

Race City to Bay 20-09-2009

City2Bay20090920_01 This year I was going to go all out for a sub sixty 12km. Months of solid marathon training and solid hour long runs at least 3 times a week. I gave myself the best chance by lining up for the start near the head of the non 50 minute cage plebs and eventually we were away through the timing archway. There was no real need to dodge over to the eastern carriageway up King William Street and I made good time to South Terrace before starting the downhill roll to the bay. The weather was relatively kind, warm, sunny, but there was a slight sea breeze which had a nice cooling factor.

City2Bay20090920_05 I trended along nicely for the first 5k running slightly ahead of schedule, but as things started to warm up my pace started to drift out and after running through the 6k start I stated to lose focus. The time I had up my sleeve I was quickly losing. I hadn’t seen anyone I knew since the start and I was struggling big time to lock on to any pace setters and as the time got away from me, so did the confidence. I had to give myself a kick up the arse at the 3km to go mark and managed an unofficial 10km PB through the 2km to go mark. With Glenelg now insight and a sub sixty run almost out of reach I tried to lift over the last two kilometres, but sprinting down Jetty Road is both tough and dangerous as the road narrows, you have tram tracks to deal with and people start darting everywhere.

Final time was 1hr58seconds, not a sub 60 time and also not a PB. I felt like I still had plenty left shortly after that final dash, leaving a bit of a hollow regret. I guess for next time I should actually start doing some speed training of some sort, getting my body used to rockin’ along at my desired pace because I know the fitness is there.

Race City to Bay 20-09-2009, Pace



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2 responses to “Race Report – City to Bay 2009 – 12km

  1. rachel49

    Its a pity you can’t come to Track. Its great for getting that mental edge and speed training. And some race physc out strategies too.

  2. Little Simlin

    You might not of run sub 60 but at least you didn’t a. fall over or b. lose your phone like I did.

    Just checked out the incline for the Black Hill run and not looking foreword to it as the last run I did was C2B!

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