It’s Been Too Long

Inspired by another blogger’s fashionable return in 2011, 2P over at, It must be about time I added to the City-Bay race report from 2009. Woah that is a long time ago.

So what has been going on since then? Well personally, my attempt at a second Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra in September of 2009 was put on hold due to the early arrival of my son, to now be known as V. So as you can see my priorities changed to caring for my family and running has taken a back seat for a while. I did manage to squeeze in the Black Hill Challenge in November of 2009 with my brother, which I will post about later  and I also finished off the Corporate Cup series of 2009.
2010 became a very busy year in my life with work, a baby/toddler and being race director for a marathon. Our two bedroom apartment was closing in very quickly around us, so 2010 also included sale, purchase (well actually it was agree to purchase and then sale) and moving into a new property with plenty of back-yard for the family to run around in. Despite that I aslo managed a few runs here and there with the main events being the City-Bay and Boral Blue Lake Fun Run, both pushing V in a pram. All of these events I will write about shortly. Also in 2010 I invested in (or more like inherited) a bike and have been using that to commute to work alot (except in winter because I value my extremities a little too much) as it is more practical and time efficient then running everyday. Plus now that I have moved further into the foothills there is a nice little incline to get the heart pumping on the way home so that I don’t feel as much like I am taking the easy free-wheeling way out.

So what of 2011? Well son number two is expected in a months time (he shall be known from this time forth as N) so who knows if I will find time to do another entry before 2012. Perhaps I will branch out into non-running related posts as well, I am still pondering that…it is a new year after all.


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  1. It’s been so long I’ve forgotten to remove you from my reader 😉 I guess you’ll be even busier when SN2 arrives — will look out for that 2012 post.

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