Time to start.

Well, I stopped running early December following the completion of the Corporate Cup and started concentrating on bike riding for the TDU community challenge stage. Done and dusted that so now here we are at the end of February and the time has come to start ramping up running. I am currently 4 runs in and following the 100% rule…oh wait I made that up, it is supposed to be the 10% rule.

Firstly, I am still a 5 day a week bike commuter, so that accounts for 180km a week of cross training, so I started 2 weeks ago with a Sunday morning 8k run…not too bad, a bit rusty in the legs and slow, pulled up a little sore the following day or two. Gave it a week then went out again last Sunday…5am…hill run. I ran (pretty much in the dark because I am a fool…actually I was up half an hour early than I had planned due to the eldest child being awake that I hit the trail half an hour before first light). I ran the Main Ridge Track up from Amber’s Gully…and when I say ran…I mean “I ran”. Surprisingly I ran all the way up where in my past running life I would have walked most of it. The only time I walked on this occasion was when the trail was too rutted and rocky to run safely by starlight. (Needless to say I got straight on the web when I got home and looked up headlamps…one is now on order).

While this new found hill running ability was quite surprising, the state of my legs the next day was no surprise. I spent the rest of Sunday, shoveling and wheelbarrowing gravel and doing general garden duties, getting up from my chair at work for the next two days was quite awkward…but surprisingly once up and going for a 10 or so seconds, or while on the bike riding, my legs felt a little tired but generally pretty good.

A nice flat run on Wednesday around Victoria Park at lunch time went some way to clearing the rest of the carnage from the legs and an early morning 5km on Thursday…while tough on tired/recovering legs was also satisfying…now I am just debating what kind of run to do on Sunday….should I run the main ridge track again? Sans light? or just throw in a longer 15km run on the rolling hills around the NE suburbs where the street lamps are enough to get by (this is probably where my mind is at until the headlamp arrives in the post).

I wouldn’t really be bothered right now uploading route, splits, elevation profiles etc from runs…so if you are interested you will have to follow me on Strava.


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