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Still Rolling

So about 30km run last week. I did the sensible thing on Sunday and just did a 16km loop down and around the Torren’s by the light of the sparse streetlamps mainly. It felt both easy and hard at the same time. Easy – because I didn’t feel like I raised a sweat or got my heart-rate very high…definitely aerobic zone. Hard – because my legs would not let me go any faster…but I can live with that, I probably won’t start pushing them for at least another week.

This week I have dragged myself out for an 8km dead flat lunchtime run around the Adelaide Southern parklands and then this morning I went out around the NE suburbs for a 10.5km loop and pushed the legs a little harder. Unfortunately the GPS on my phone dropped out after 3km so I can’t see how hard I was pushing, but it doesn’t really bother me right now. I do have 3 different garmins laying around…but unfortunately they are old (201 and 2x 305s) and both 305s suffered from the dreaded internal corrosion due to poor sealing. I did crack one open, clean up the battery contacts and silicon it shut, which worked for a while, but then it must have come loose a little as it will no longer charge (but will turn on). Alas I am resigned to using the aweful GPS on my Galaxy S4 phone.

Today I will have more outfit changes then a Lady GaGa concert, guess I will be doing my own washing. Get up – run clothes on, then home again and casual clothes to walk the kids to school, then home again and bike kit to ride to work, then shower and work clothes. Back to bike kit for the smelly ride home. Home again and shower and casual clothes back on, or visa versa depending on timing and home duties. I guess I could go for a swim at lunch-time or something just to add another lot to the pile…but I am lazy.

Currently watching the parcel tracker for my headlamp…it arrived in Melbourne and cleared customs on Tuesday…hope it arrives before the weekend!


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