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It’s Been Too Long

Inspired by another blogger’s fashionable return in 2011, 2P over at, It must be about time I added to the City-Bay race report from 2009. Woah that is a long time ago.

So what has been going on since then? Well personally, my attempt at a second Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra in September of 2009 was put on hold due to the early arrival of my son, to now be known as V. So as you can see my priorities changed to caring for my family and running has taken a back seat for a while. I did manage to squeeze in the Black Hill Challenge in November of 2009 with my brother, which I will post about later  and I also finished off the Corporate Cup series of 2009.
2010 became a very busy year in my life with work, a baby/toddler and being race director for a marathon. Our two bedroom apartment was closing in very quickly around us, so 2010 also included sale, purchase (well actually it was agree to purchase and then sale) and moving into a new property with plenty of back-yard for the family to run around in. Despite that I aslo managed a few runs here and there with the main events being the City-Bay and Boral Blue Lake Fun Run, both pushing V in a pram. All of these events I will write about shortly. Also in 2010 I invested in (or more like inherited) a bike and have been using that to commute to work alot (except in winter because I value my extremities a little too much) as it is more practical and time efficient then running everyday. Plus now that I have moved further into the foothills there is a nice little incline to get the heart pumping on the way home so that I don’t feel as much like I am taking the easy free-wheeling way out.

So what of 2011? Well son number two is expected in a months time (he shall be known from this time forth as N) so who knows if I will find time to do another entry before 2012. Perhaps I will branch out into non-running related posts as well, I am still pondering that…it is a new year after all.


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The end of the road.

Is this the end of the road for Simlin?

10k – Check

21.1k – Check

42.2k – Check

What’s left to do?

Currently I don’t feel like I am going to fall into a motivation and training slump as followed my first Half Marathon in 2006 (as long as I stay injury free).  I can’t afford to, the Corporate Cup has only just begun and I received my race bib for the City 2 Bay (which is in 3 weeks) last Friday.  Plus, this time next year I want to be basking in sub 4 glory.

Reflecting back to Sunday, the bad moments are now fading into distant memories and those moments I remember are the happy unique ones: 

  • Sitting in the stadium in the predawn light contemplating the events which were about to unfold.
  • Running a lap of the track and being cheered out of the stadium by a small but boisterous crowd.
  • The spectators who kept popping up around the course with the dong dong dong of a cowbell.
  • Peering up at the clear blue sky as I trotted along the cycle way out to Glenelg.
  • Being able to see and give encouragement to faster runners on the first out and back section alongside Glenelg Golf Course.
  • The enthusiasm of the girl guides manning the drink stations.
  • Seeing the bulk of the field again along the foreshore with lots of encouragement.
  • Running alongside the ocean.
  • Running into the stadium to the cheers of family and friends.
  • Cheering the runners and walkers finishing through a tunnel of spectators during the presentations. [Maybe I should have taken longer ;)]

I will be back again next year, stronger, lighter, better prepared both physically and mentally for what will no doubt be another tough day.  I hope that they keep this new course as I think I would have DNF’d if I had to do that last little ( use the word little lightly) university loop of the Torren’s as in the previous course.

I read so much about the Marathon distance itself, how to run it, what to expect etc etc…but nothing compares to actual experience.  Run even splits…don’t go out too hard…easy to read and do in half marathons but boy, nothing prepared me for the experience of actually trying to do it.  I will make sure I read these last two post before my next marathon so that I can draw on this experience and put in a better performance, which measures up to realistic expectations.

On a completely different note now…WOW! My blog as been bombarded with visitors over the last few days.  Thanks guys for your visits and comments.  I think the increased traffic is mainly due to, as it always is, being linked to from a Plu post and I just saw that there is a link to my blog on the SARRC website news and notes page.  I guess everyone will now have read how I face planted into the wall, hey?  Speaking of the SARRC, I must join their rank and file…maybe after the C2B I will fax in a completed membership form (there has been a completed one floating around for about a year now, but I never faxed it).  Next year I think I will join in their pack runs on Sunday mornings in preparation for the Marathon as I think I am ready to socialise with other runners now…the muzzle is coming off.  Plus I think after more than a year of enjoying their well organised and run events I need to start volunteering and putting something back into the flourishing Adelaide running scene 😉


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I’ve been tagged.

Jobs I’ve Held Baby Sitter, Live in Baby Sitter, Music Teacher, Administration Officer (NT Government), Child Care Worker, Validation Engineer, Process Engineer.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over Star Wars, Super Troopers, About a boy.

My Guilty Pleasures Cinnimon Donuts, Pop Music, Chick Flicks (edit: I forgot to mention The Dirty Bird).

Places I have lived (in order) Bourke NSW, Warran NSW, Carnamah WA, Port Lincoln SA, Palmerston NT, Adelaide SA. 

Shows I enjoy House, Spics and Specs, Chaser’s War on Everything, Sunrise, NCIS, Medium. 

Places I Have Been on Holiday anywhere on Mainland Australia really.  You name it and I have probably been there, driven past/through there

Favorite Foods Hot Cinnimon Donuts, Mango, Mashed Potato, fresh cut hot chips.

Websites I Visit Daily (and most of the feeds on it, blogs, news and entertainment feeds),,,,,,

Body Parts I Have Injured No real serious injuries not running related (hammy, ITB etc) to report…except to say that I once had a 1inch tree spike/thorn thingy removed from my head.

Awards I’ve Won Dux of Primary School, 1997 u15 LEP Table Tennis Champion, 1999 High School Science Award, 1998 Glynn Baker Composing and Arranging Award.  I once won 2nd prize in a beauty contest…oh hang on that was in a game of monopoly.

Nicknames You’ve Been Called None really, a few derogatory insults about being a teachers pet/ goody goody twoshoes in primary school though. 

Pick 5 Other Bloggers I choose you All! If you are reading this and you have a blog, consider yourself Tagged…I don’t have time or the diplomatic skills to indivually single you out.

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A fat running machine!

Spurred on by a new thread on CR I thought I would take a look back and see where I lost that self-conscious self who would only run after dark or before light or in areas where not many others would see.  Why?  because I didn’t want to be seen exercising.  That would be like admitting you are fat (even though I was derrr) and in today’s society (or at least early 2000’s) it was perceived, by me at least, that it was un-cool to care about your weight/appearance.  I tried going to the Gym in 2004, but only during the day when there was hardly anyone around and no skinnier or stronger people there to show me up and mock me for being weak and fat.

I needed an extra drive to get over that initial fear of being seen wanting to lose weight and trying to run, something to just push me over the edge into I don’t care land.  It came in the form of pride, it came in the form of trying to impress people with my running by completing a fun-run rather than by being laughed at for wanting to lose weight.  That’s right, it involved a change in thinking.  I finished that first fun-run…ran all the way…and that seemed to impress people… they are impressed by me for finish that fun-run.

Suddenly running when ever I felt like it and in-front of whomever was around became easier, because I was not doing it to lose weight, I was doing it to get fitter to go faster and be able to compete over longer distances, turning me from “haha he needs to run to lose weight” into “a running machine who runs half marathons!”.  Who cares if I run like a gimp, carry around a little extra kilos, go completely red in the face…I can run half marathons…hell I can run!

Blogging started after that first fun run, when I started getting serious about improving my fitness to beat that first time and I subconsciously stated time and time again that weightloss was not a goal…merely a side benefit…the goal was to get fitter and healthier so that I could run faster.  Now 16months later I am past all that and happily admit I want to lose weight, not that I have had much success at Fat Fighters, but still it is only a secondary goal to finishing my first marathon.

So it took a bit of growing up and maturing, but I would happily run down a crowded city street in my CR cap.  It is not that I think “who cares what other people think” because I do and it would be foolish of me to say that I didn’t, it is more that now I think a majority of those people are thinking “damn that dude can run.  I wish I could run.  He is a running machine”.  I changed my intent and that seemed to help my motivation.

I must admit that those other thoughts haven’t completely disappeared…especially when I catch a reflection of myself running, like in a bus shelter window as I am running towards it, but they are now only fleeting and I think I am a better person for it, or at least a faster, thinner one 🙂


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Goodbye Blogger

Simlin has moved to here.


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2006 review and an end to Big Expectations.

It all started back on 10th February…I ventured into the world of blogging. My goals back in the early day were simple. Personal goals were to get healthier, lighter and fitter while running goals were to complete the City to Bay in under 72mins and complete a half marathon. My big expectations was that running regularly could help me reach those goals.
February – Started the month training at less than 20km a week bought a Garmin.
March – Ordered a CR hat and decided on my first fun run and set my first HM to be in May. Pulled out of fun run, ran 20k for the first time, weighed in under 120kg for the first time. Suffered my first battle with demotivation after some personal issues.
April – two 10km fun runs in April one at the start of the month and one at the end, which was my first sub 60min 10k. This month also included my first trail run.
May – Successfuly completed my first HM! yay me and bought my first pair of serious running shoes.
June – New shoes cause ITB issues and I started to get frustrated by lack of motivation and running time due to injury. This month included my first run to work.
July – Admitted to myself that I had an ITB problem after a failure to run out a 15k fun run.
August – Bought a new pair of shoes…brooks beasts, and dissapointingly only ran the 10k run at the Adelaide Marathon Running Festival…it was a 10k PB though. Started Corporate cup with some mediocre performances.
September – The big one…completed the City to Bay in 69 mins, an 11min PB and well below my goal!
October – concentrated on shorter distances during the corporate cup and ran a 9k fun run. This month included my first training run with CR company!
November – Started doing a few Pilates and training for the year really started to wind down as personal goals started to fall into place.
December – Training in december was dismal to say the least, but on a personal note many goals were acheived.

So there it is a summary of the year, to be honest I found that whole excercise pointless. I started this blog with Big Expectations for my training and now, at the end of 2006 have those expectations been met?
Well yes, although I didn’t achieve any of my time based goals distances, I did acheived my two big running goals, which was complete a HM and go better in the C2B than 2005. Even though this fills me with great joy, I am a little dissapointed that I only got to complete one HM and that I missed quite a few other fun runs I wanted to do.
On a fitter, healthier, thinner side, I am pleased with the way this is going (especially the thinner side) and feel a lot more confident in myself. I am dissapointed in my second half of the year performance as far as thinner goes as I seem to have stalled at about 115kg thanks to a rather ordinary diet.
Personally 2006 has been a great year and I have acheived many personal goals, leading up to my proposal to my now Fiance. I wanted a few things in place to stabalise my life before I committed to also support another person, with the big two being a permanent job and a house to call our own. All these things happened in a bit of a rush toward the end of 2006 and so life goes on and one can only look forward to 2007!
As to my Big Expectations, they have been met and as such, instead of giving my currnet blog a facelift for 2007, I will preserve it in blogger for as long as they wish to hold it, while I begin a new road to my 2007 goals in a new blog in wordpress.


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100 things

OK, so here it is. No laughing at my boring, goody two shoes life OK!

1. I was born in Bourke, NSW.

2. That’s right I am a New South Welshman by origin.

3. I have also lived in Warren, NSW, Carnamah, WA, Port Lincoln, SA, Palmerston, NT and Adelaide SA.

4. Never been overseas.

5. I have seen more than my fair share of the Australian Outback.

6. Was always a tubby kid.

7. In early primary school (living in Country WA) I won numerous medals for swimming at both school sports day and inter-school country carnivals.

8. I always won Butterfly and Backstroke, the same kid (best friend) always beat me at freestyle and breastroke.

9. Despite our swimming prowess, our school always got slaughtered at the inter-school country carnival athletics…we could swim, just not run.

10. After being in what could be termed a swimming squad with regular after school training etc (I lived across from the pool) we moved to Pt Lincoln and swimming training was at 6am a couple of ks away…bye bye swimming L

11. I have only once dived off a 10 metre platform. I did a pin drop.

12. Tip: when doing a pin drop from 10 metres ensure feet and legs are as close together as possible.

13. As a kid I only got grounded once. During which time I went to a birthday party.

14. I got grounded for splitting my brothers head open with a rock, which I propelled at him from quite a distance, so really it was quite a good grenade (throw).

15. I am the son of a preacher man…go Dusty.

16. My brother blames me for his inability to wrestle.

17. I am not a fighter, when we were kids I sat on him so we didn’t have to fight.

18. The one time I fought my brother, dad said take it outside, so we did…needless to say my brother ended up with a bleeding nose (I think it was over who got to sit in the bean bag?).

19. No one has ever tried to start a fight with me, probably due to a number of factors, I am large and imposing and some of the people I hung out with you really wouldn’t want to mess with…no one thankfully has ever worked out that I would most likely stand there and take it or run away.

20. I was the dux of my primary school.

21. I am into music, both making and listening.

22. Some instruments I have played seriously: Piano, Clarinet, Bassoon.

23. My favourite number.

24. Some instruments I have played but not so seriously: Saxaphone, Trumpet, guitar.

25. I have been in numerous bands at school, jazz ensembles etc and have therefore by association played with musicians such as James Morrison and Don Burrows.

26. Things related to music I have been payed for: Jazz background music, a few background piano gigs at dinners, weddings, teaching piano and I have also won a $300 composing and arranging competition.

27. The first CD I ever owned, Diesel – Hipfedelity….ouch (actually I have this on my mp3 player at the moment.)

28. The best I have ever done in a running event was 10th at a primary school cross country event

29. I have never stolen/borrowed a pig.

30. I am a shy person around new people.

31. I am overly friendly and inappropriate around people I know. (which must be why I like the internet so much 😉 )

32. My first car was a Layland Mini.

33. To get into it I had to bend like a corkscrew.

34. I had it up on two wheels once going around a 90° turn at 100km/hr.

35. I have never been drunk to the point of vomiting.

36. I just get bored of drinking or spending the money.

37. I’ve always thought that I am just a control freak and afraid to let go.

38. I love Pasta.

39. I am sure I could easily eat a whole 500g packet of pasta cooked with a tasty sauce.

40. Was a very fussy eater as a kid.

41. never ate anything but meat unless it was with mashed potato.

42. Now I eat anything (I think it was due to college food)

43. I live with my Girlfriend.

44. We have 2 turtles named: Fanta Pants (a long neck) and Squirt (Murray River Short Neck)…edit: Squirt passed on last night. L

45. We have 2 frogs named: Frits and Beans.

46. I can’t stand doing anything wrong.

47. That includes breaking any rules or laws.

48. I never got detention, time-out or withdrawal at school.

49. I have only ever had two operations

50. once I had to go to the ER to remove a 1 inch tree spike from my head

51. I have also had ingrown toenail.

52. Patience is my biggest virtue.

53. I have to eat my favourite food first,

54. I can’t stand those that leave it till last…when it is cold and they are full.

55. Sometimes I drive like a grandma.

56. I ranked in the top 10 of the NT at the end of year 12…big whoop.

57. I always wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

58. After 5 years at University, doing a bachelor of engineering (Chemical) and a bachelor of science (majoring in Organic Chem and Physical & Inorganic Chem) I came to the realisation (probably in second year) that a career in the Pharmaceutical industry was very unlikely.

59. After applying for a one line job advertised in the paper I landed my first job out of Uni…it just happened to be in the Pharmaceutical industry.

60. It’s funny how life turns out.

61. I Left home (Palmerston NT) when I was 17 to go to uni in Adelaide and stayed at Lincoln College.

62. Living in a residential college is a totally unique experience. (and would need another 100 things to explain why)

63. I have a younger brother and an older sister.

64. My favourite TV shows are House and the biggest loser.

65. I have made a conscious effort this year not to watch pointless TV shows and become a TV zombie.

66. It seems to be working, I get bored if I try and sit down and watch too much TV now.

67. I was once in a barbershop nonet – we were called The Flapping Sphincters – Enough said (though I could upload the video of our performance to youtube?)

68. I think running is now the most committed I have ever been to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

69. The Heaviest I have been was about 135kg.

70. I will be happy when I hit 100kg.

71. I have a freckle on my lower lip.

72. I practically lived as a vegetarian for the year 2002.

73. I go very red in the face when too much attention is placed on me.

74. I had the derogatory nickname Rudolf for a while in primary school.

75. I’m also a positive person and cling to the belief that everything works out in the end.

76. I have worked in childcare (vacation and afterschool care) – mostly my job was to run around like a silly bugger playing with all the boys outside.

77. I have worked for the NT government – mostly sorting core samples from that years drilling expeditions, they bagged a sample every 3 metres. We had to dry it and put it in a labelled vial to go to the core library.

78. My favourite movie genre is comedy.

79. I hate Horror movies, I just can’t see the point in watching something to get scared.

80. Everything else is ok and I don’t mind chick flicks…oops did I just type that out loud.

81. I like and appreciate all types of music, especially aussie rock.

82. My year of birth.

83. I love cooking.

84. I hate vomiting and can’t remember the last time I did.

85. When the last Olympics were on My brother and I had two TVs set up side by side, one with SBS and the other channel 7.

86. I have had my back naired once and my chest waxed once, I would not do either again.

87. Waxing hurts.

88. The best presents I have ever received are: Garmy, Runner’s World subscription and 2 tickets to Cirque de Soule.

89. I will be running my first marathon next year.

90. I love living in Adelaide (just a big country town) but can’t rule out a move interstate sometime in the future.

91. I have never been on A Current Affair

92. This list has taken me 3 days to compile.

93. I firmly believe that every situation can be related to either a Simpson’s Episode or a Seinfeld episode.

94. For the most part I am quite happy the way my life is turning out.

95. I really want to get back into swimming.

96. I am deathly afraid of going to a doctor and being told I need to have an operation; eg tonsils removed

97. As one of my yr 12 teachers famously said, I am a floater, I do enough to get the job done and no more.

98. I want to be one of those 70 year olds still out on the road running in fun runs

99. The penultimate thing

100. I am quite sure I will be bald and grey by the time I am 30.


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