I started running in late 2005 and in earnest in early 2006.  In February 2006 I started my first blog to document the gradual realisation of the Big Expectations I had of running.  I started this blog at the beginning of 2007 as a continuation of my running story on the path towards a marathon.  Now it is the start of 2008 and I have completed a marathon and am training to fulfill my marathon ambition of a sub 4hr time and hopefully qualify for the 6ft track marathon.

Log Book 2006/2005
Log Book 2007 and 2007 Training Calendar
2008 Training Calendar 

2007 monthly totals

2007 activities totals, shows the distances of each training run i did through the year. The most was obviously 7.7km which is the shortest run to work. I can see I need to add a few more long runs in there before the marathon.
2007 activities


One response to “History

  1. tony

    great theme
    i have got a blog too – wordpress – but it is private – how do i download that theme – i tried but i got teh files and how do i exucute it
    please help
    good luck with ur running

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